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Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Open House 2011 ~ Part 1

Welcome friends to Primitive Blessings Christmas Open House.

Step inside to this winter wonderland and stay awhile. You won’t be disappointed.

Rooms and rooms filled to the brim with beautiful treasures. Amazing displays that every time you look you see something new and unique that you just must have to decorate your own home for the holidays.

Over the next few days we will be touring the shop and taking a peek into every little corner. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back for more.

Lets step into the front room…

 IMAG2282    IMAG2042 IMAG2057IMAG2039IMAG2040 IMAG2043  IMAG2044 IMAG2045 IMAG2047 IMAG2048 IMAG2049 IMAG2067

IMAG2051IMAG2050  IMAG2254IMAG2255IMAG2052  IMAG2065IMAG2053IMAG2264  IMAG2250 IMAG2251 IMAG2253   IMAG2256 IMAG2257 IMAG2259 IMAG2260 IMAG2261 IMAG2262 IMAG2263 IMAG2055   IMAG2059  IMAG2061 IMAG2062 IMAG2063 IMAG2064

  IMAG2066 IMAG2071IMAG2068 IMAG2069 IMAG2070  IMAG2073  IMAG2075  IMAG2077 

More to come...